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Thailand Vacation on Credit: 15 months jail for social fraud

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A welfare recipient from the canton of Solothurn was arrested today in Nicole for an unconditional imprisonment of 15 weeks. Absolutely 15 years – that’s the verdict against the 61-year-old welfare recipient from the Solothurn region. A judge in Nicole has dismissed the man in a shortened trial for aiding and abetting fraudulent transactions, check and credit card fraud and forgery of documents.

Although he knew that he did not have that, the convict, for example, took plane tickets to Thailand with his ticket. He also made untrue statements on a rented registration form and added an excerpt from the wrong debt collection register. In the trial in Biel, the man has recognized all allegations and claims for damages of the injured in the amount of around CHF 23,000.

In a shortened process, the man was rebuked

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This means that the Arbitral Tribunal will examine whether the shortened examination procedure is lawful and expedient, whether the allegation is compatible with the outcome of the legal proceedings and with the file and whether the required penalties are appropriate. If all is correct, the Constitutional Court will present the case.

Since this is a shortened procedure, no further information was given about the convicted persons, for example, whether the man still had welfare benefits. The man was charged with criminal offenses between 2011 and 2013 when he received social support in the Federal Court of Biel.

Nicoleese Riding School is counted

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The vote was clear with 65.8 percentage points. 20,863 voters voted Yes and 10,840 No in the ballot box, with a participation of 38.5%. For the riding school area is a lawless place with a violent problem and drug traffic, but also a refuge for extreme left. But most voters saw it differently: the city council, as the owner of the property, was required to maintain adequate housing.

Most of the money goes to the Great Hall, which has a different sponsorship than the rest of the riding hall. In the center of the politically led disputes stands in the main the other building of the riding hall and the forecourt.